VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

What is Project Dimension

Last year at VMworld, VMware announced a new offering they were working on called Project Dimension which is going to extend their  cloud offerings to customers on-premises locations. While the public cloud has been a huge success and a lot of companies now are utilizing it for some if not all of its workloads, its generally accepted that some workloads will never be suitable to be migrated to the public cloud . Reasons for this include security concerns (even if they may not be valid) and the fact that some conservative older companies will never be comfortable with financial, customer and / or employee data stored off premises. This is where Project Dimension comes in….

Project Dimension was created to bring a cloud solution to an on premises environment. For companies who couldn’t or didn’t want to move to the public cloud , VMware are bringing the cloud to them and the first solution within Project Dimension is VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. This is a fully managed on premises cloud solution built on the hugely successful VxRail hardware platform.

How does it work 

VMware have combined their SDDC platform which is built on VMware Cloud Foundation, (vSphere, NSX and vSAN) and combined it with Dell-EMC’s VxRail platform to provide a leading edge fully managed data-center as a service solution. The hardware will be customized in the factory after an order is placed and once  it is delivered to a customer site, an engineer will arrive and configure the solution for use on the customer network.

VMware will be the single point of contact for all support issues, ranging from the virtualization stack to the hardware underneath. VMware will proactively monitor the environment and dispatch a Dell EMC technician to resolve any hardware issues on site. VMware will also take care of the patching and upgrades which will be performed during a customer defined maintenance window thereby ensuring that all the components are operating at the latest recommended versions of software and firmware.

Project Dimension can also leverage NSX SD-WAN by velocloud which can be used to enable connectivity with other regions.

Benefits at a glance 

  • Fully managed cloud service solution with one point of contact
  • One monthly price which will include all monitoring , support and maintenance
  • Removes infrastructure management from the customer and enables them to focus on  higher value items in the stack
  • Allows customers to move from a capex to an opex environment even when remaining in an on premises environment
  • Built in security, encryption at rest and in transmit provided
  • Greatly simplifies on premises environment

This promises to be a very exciting innovative new solution from VMware and Dell – EMC –  if you are interested in testing a beta version then you can register your interest here :


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