Batchpatch for Managing Windows VM’s

I recently started using a new tool called batch-patch for performing windows updates on large amounts of Windows virtual servers. It is a very useful piece of software and makes tasks like installing windows patches , gathering different information on the servers and running things like scripts very simple and straight forward.

When installed and licensed you are presented with the following screen where you can add the required VM’s either from a list or from an Active Directory


The account that you are logged into the VM running batchpatch on must have the neccessary logon and execution rights on the target VM’s also. If these accounts differ then its possible to specify alternative logon credentials for the VMs by right clicking the VM


Right clicking the VM(s) , you can see all the various different actions you can take on the VM’s, one of the most useful is under “Get Information”, its possible to get all sorts of useful information like disk space, last boot time etc.


If you are using the tool to perform windows updates, you can click tools – settings and then windows update. In here you can select what package filtering you want to do and enable / disable cached mode


Once you have configured the settings you can right click the vm(s) and click, windows updates and then choose what you want to do , e.g. download updates, download and install updates, download / install and reboot VM if required etc


Another very useful feature of batchpatch is the ability to run scripts / programs on the vm(s) very easily . Right clicking the VM(s) and selecting “Deploy software” shows the following dialog box where you can just select a .exe / msi / cmd file to execute


These are only some of the features of batchpatch , it is a very easy tool to use and i recommend checking it out if you manage a large number of VMs

More Information can be found here