VMware Cloud Foundation 3.0


It has been a while since i have written about one of my favorite products VMware Cloud Foundation so i decided to provide an update on what is new with the most recent version of the software which is vCF 3.0 (just announced at VMworld 2018)

There are some amazing new features , which include :

Builder VM :  The VIA appliance is no longer used to image the system , instead a brand new builder VM is used to perform the bring up process. This VM is a photon based OVA which includes all the binaries needed to complete the bring up process.

Workload Domains with multiple clusters : It is now possible to create multiple clusters within a workload domain.

Physical Hardware changes : It is now allowed to use different vendor and model ESXi hosts in the same rack. It is also possible to use any switching infrastructure that the customer chooses to use and is not bound by the vCF HCL. Note however that the customers network team need to setup the switches in this situation (the switches will not be imaged and configured by vCF)

Software Versions : The new component software versions include the following :

  • vCenter / ESXi /PSC / vSAN6.5 U2b
  • NSX 6.4.1
  • Log Insight 4.6.1
  • vRealize Operations 6.7
  • vRealize Automation 7.4
  • vRealize Suite Lifecycle Management 1.2

Network Pools : vCF 3.0 uses a pre-defined set of IP pools for vmkernel addresses for vSAN and vMotion which SDDC manager uses in configuring the esxi hosts.

NSX Hybrid Connect : Using NSX Hybrid Connect, the process of migrating large workloads into a vCF workload domain has been simplified. This feature creates seamless connectivity between sites and allows the customer to migrate workloads from legacy environments, private and public clouds into a VMware Cloud Foundation environment.

These are all very cool new features which make a great product even better!

Dell-EMC continue to provide an awesome fully engineered rack based system that is powered by vCF – check it out here :