Data drive missing after OS upgrade

I came across an interesting issue recently that i thought might be useful to share.

When we upgraded some Windows server 2008 VM’s to Windows 2012 the data drive (D:) was missing after the upgrade. The data drive was interestingly attached to a Paravirtual SCSI controller whereas the C: drive was attached to a standard LSI Logic SAS storage adapter.

Paravirtual SCSI controllers are high performance storage adapters which can result in greater throughput and are suitable for applications that require high I/O.

More information on these can be found here :


After further investigation , device manager showed some problems :


The VMware Paravirtual SCSI was also missing from the storage controllers


The fix for this issue was the following :

  1. Refresh / upgrade VMware tools on the affected VM’s. This procedure reinstalled the Paravirtual SCSI controller driver on the windows 2012 OS.


2. Bring the disk online using disk management or diskpart


The disk then showed up in my computer


Brandon Lee also has an interesting post here on how to install the Paravirtual SCSI adapter driver when installing Windows Server 2016