VxRack SDDC bringup failing on “Backup bootbank of hosts” -vCF 2.2

I was recently re-imaging my VxRack SDDC a few days ago and came across an issue where the second phase bring up was failing . The error message was saying that the task that backs up the ESXi bootbanks  was failing


After digging further, i realized that was the IP address of the SDDC manager Utility VM and not a particular ESXi host.

I then examined the bringup log on the SDDC controller VM which is located at /opt/vmware/bringup/logs/evosddc-bringup.log and noticed that the original ssh connection from the SDDC manager controller VM to the utility VM was succeeding but was then throwing a password expiration error afterwards


It turns out that the SDDC controller VM performs its original connection to the SDDC utility VM using the root account but then uses a different account (backupuser) to perform the backup of the ESXi hosts bootbanks and it turns out that this backupuser account had expired.

I had to log into the SDDC manager utility VM and set the backupuser account to never expire using the command below


Once this change was performed, i retried the bringup procedure and it completed successfully