vCF 2.2 is generally available


VMware Cloud Foundation is now generally available and here are some of the  new enhancements :

Software updates 

vCF 2.2 now includes vSphere 6.5 Update 1, vSAN 6.6.1, NSX 6.3.3 and Horizon 7.0.2, it also includes Log Insight 4.3.0 as an optional component.  Note that vROPS has been removed from this version of vCF. This is a temporary measure and will be reversed in the future



Management Workload Domain updates

It it now possible to create a single management workload domain per vCF instance. You need a minimum of 4 servers (1 rack) for this configuration and it expands up to a maximum of 256 servers (8 racks). This means that you only have to allocate the first 4 servers in rack 1 for the management domain and the rest of the servers available in rack 1-8 are available for workload domains. This is a marked improvement over vCF 2.1.x where the first four nodes in each rack were allocated for a management domain

Deployment Types

Another new feature of vCF 2.2 is the ability to have compute workloads residing in the management domain. Workload domain isolation is provided by resource pools. This feature is targeted at smaller deployments , typically comprising of less than 32 servers. If you require more than 32 nodes, its recommended to adopt the traditional architecture of separate management and compute workload domains

Optimised SDDC Manager 

SDDC manager now only comprises of two VM’s, the SDDC manager controller and SDDC Manager Utility.  SDDC manager continues to provide NTP and DNS services to the vCF environment and DNS is provided in a HA fashion between the controller and the utility VMs



The HMS (hardware management service) is now taken off the management switch and moved to the SDDC manager controller VM

Log Insight

Log Insight is now configured as a 3 VM cluster, containing one master node and two worker nodes. The system bring up workflow will configure logging for the management domain but if you require logging for your workload domains then you will need to enable this via the SDDC manager GUI and procure a license. Content packs available include vCF / vSPhere / vSAN / NSX and Horizon


New features available in the SDDC manager GUI

It is now possible to add hosts and perform password rotation of all the components via the SDDC manager GUI. This is a significant improvement on previous versions as it was quite complex to perform these activities


Hardware updates 

The VMware Compability guide has been updated with server support for vendors like Lenovo / HDS and Fujitsu

Signed Certificate Support

It is now possible to use custom signed certificates on the SDDC deployed components (vCenter , PSC, NSX Manager , SDDC manage and Log insight). This is done using an automated cli tool located in /opt/vmware/cert-mgmt/ It is possible to use custom certificates on both the management domain and any workload domains

A step by step procedure on replacing these certificates can be found in the vCF 2.2 admin guide

Note : vCF 2.2 is targeted at greenfield sites only. If you need to upgrade from vCF 2.1.x to 2.2 then contact VMware Support for assistance

VxRack SDDC will be shipping with vCF 2.2 on 29th September 2017. If you want to upgrade your VxRack SDDC from 2.1.x then contact Dell – EMC support for assistance

All the documentation can be found here :

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