VxRack SDDC – NSX Automation

nsxYou may have been wondering how much of the NSX installation and configuration process is handled by the automation workflows present in SDDC Manager.  Below is a bullet-ed list of the steps currently undertaken

  • Physical switch setup to support NSX (MTU / dedicated VLAN etc)
  • Deploy NSX Manager
  • Deploy NSX Contollers
  • Create IP Pools
  • Create a Transport Zone
  • Create a Logical Switch
  • Integrate with vROPS and Log Insight

These steps are performed for both the management domain and any workload domain(s) that are created. Having this work automated through an automated workflow saves a lot of setup time and is another reason why VxRack SDDC is a fantastic platform that will enable your IT department to bring up environments quicker and easier.

Once the above is completed then you are free to progress with further customization as required. You can deploy Edge Service Gateways , Logical Routers , Load balancers , distributed firewall rules etc and really start to use the powerful features of VMware NSX


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