VxRack SDDC workload domain deletion failed

Came across an issue recently where i was trying to delete a workload domain and the procedure failed.



After performing some troubleshooting and log analysis i found that the HMS process was not running on the Management switch


To try and resolve the issue I followed the following procedure to restart the HMS process on the Dell Cumulus management switch and also restarted the vrm-tcserver service on the SDDC manager VM:

In order to get the credentials to log into any of the components, run the following command from the vrm VM.  This command will display all the component usernames and passwords

./vrm-cli.sh lookup-password

To restart the HMS process, ssh into the management switch using the credentials provided


Then run the following command

for PID in $(ps -ef |grep HmsApp |grep -v grep|awk ‘{print $2}’)


kill $PID


service starthms.sh 

Once this is done, ssh to the vrm VM and restart the vrm-tcserver service

service vrm-watchdogserver stop 

service vrm-tcserver restart 

service vrm-watchdogserver start

Once this was complete then i attempted to delete the workload domain again and it was successful


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