EHC available on VxRail

Support for EHC on VxRail was introduced as part of EHC release 4.1.1. This marks a watershed moment in EHC’s evolution as it is now available to customers of all sizes and also features an automated installation (automated installation only available on VxRail for now).

Supported services in this release include the following :

  • BaaS (backup as a service)
  • Encryption as a service
  • Single site protection

There is a four host minimum configuration and the traditional EHC Pod’s (Core, NEI and automation) are created as resource pools in the VxRail cluster. The reason for requiring four hosts instead of three is to ensure that you can suffer the loss of a storage node without affecting storage integrity.

EHC on VxRail allows you to start small and grow your hybrid cloud environment as your needs increase. It is simple, scalable and efficient.

The diagram below depicts the EHC architecture on a VxRail appliance.


If you want to see how hybrid cloud can be of benefit to you , there is Further documentation available here :

Click to access h15928r-ehc-4-1-1-concepts-architecture-sg.pdf

Click to access h15927r-ehc-4-1-1-reference-architecture-ra.pdf

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